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Holistic Risk Management is Possible

Our company arose out of the recognition that deterrence of threats alone through security is not enough.  Our company seeks to prevent problems by addressing the roots of issues.  We wish to help companies achieve a high state of security through more than just locks and guards.  To achieve this high state of security we start with a tailored risk assessment and work our way toward risk mitigation through security program development, implementation, and continue on with monitoring and assessment.  We believe that true security does not come from guards and locks alone.  We believe that security programs should be heavily intertwined with the corporate culture including human resources practices as well public outreach so we can seek to prevent and mitigate issues in our workplace and with members of the public before they arise.  We offer a range of consulting options to fit your desires and budget.

Our Method

Our goal is to reduce your risk to acceptable levels by working with you before an incident occurs.  We work with management teams to identify policies and best practices that decrease employee frustration, address employee concerns, and handle employee crisis in a manner that is safe for the business, respectful of the employee, and works at rehabilitation and cooperation.  

We know that even with the best policies in place that conflict is reduced but not eliminated.  Therefore, we assist with helping you incorporate physical security features into your facilities, develop security and emergency management protocols, and train your staff how to survive and respond to specific hazardous events.  

We also provide high quality protection professionals to keep you safe from threats if the situation requires.  We only provide hand-picked agents with qualitative experience from the protective service sphere such as military, law enforcement, and advanced private security professionals.   

Why Us?

Our method is not based around continued income from a single entity in the way a security guard company is.  Security companies need you to have a continued threat so that you continue to need their services.  We want new clients all the time because we want to ensure the last client's problems are fixed.  We want to provide you with solutions that you manage and execute on your own to the greatest extent possible so that you can control your own future.  

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Missouri LLC: LC001650385

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