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Hive Intelligence Course


Inside this course, you'll review:

  • Language Use

  • Deceptive Strategy

  • Linguistic Stress Markers

  • Non-Linguistic Stress Markers

  • Emotions 

  • Facial Expressions

  • The Body

  • And More!

Our Review:

​An amazing course for any law enforcement, security professional, or anyone that needs to improve their interviewing and behavioral analysis skills. 

pray safe.png

PRAYING SAFE: The professional approach to protecting faith communities was written specifically to help congregations develop, implement, and maintain their own comprehensive, effective security plans.

In simple, easy-to-follow steps, PRAYING SAFE lays out what you and your fellow congregants can do to make your community a harder target. It starts with analysis: what dangers does your congregation face? What vulnerabilities do you have? Then, it shows you how to decide the best ways address those dangers and vulnerabilities to help keep everyone safer.

Our Review:

We have had the pleasure to work with Joshua Gideon in his capacity as a cyber expert.  This gentleman is extremely knowledgeable and trusted by experts nationwide.  Getting to talk with him for a few minutes is extremely valuable.  It's hard to put a valuation on an entire book of his knowledge so focused on a subject.  If you are a religious leader, a house of worship security leader, or simply a congregant interested in understanding the risk environment and what you can do to protect yourself and your fellow worshippers, you will not be dissapointed.

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