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Protective services


Security advising

  • Executive Protection

  • Bodyguards

  • High Threat Terminations

  • Workplace Violence

  • High-Value Asset Transport

Short and sweet or long and complete. Whether you simply desire to bring us in to answer questions you may have about security or you wish for us to advise you throughout building, restructuring, or managing your entire security program our experts will provide you with the knowledge you need to keep your assets safe.

Security Audit


It is important to know whether your security program is truly functional.  We can evaluate your program, identify deficiencies, and assist you in improving your program. If you contract your security we can help you determine if the company is meeting your needs.   

Security Staffing


We assist companies in finding the right security staff necessary to fill short or long-term security contracts or help you build your own proprietary security team.  Our personnel can assist in advertising, interviewing, drug testing, new-hire paperwork, and new-hire training for your company so you can focus on your operations.



Private Investigations

PI Wall.png
  • Antiterrorism Awareness Course

  • Operations Security Awareness Course

  • ICS 100, 200, 300, 400, 700, 800

Risk Mitigation Services offers Private Detective services in Kansas and South Dakota.  Services offered are:

  • Surveillance

  • Surveillance Detection

  • Undercover Workplace Investigations

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