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About Us

While our headquarters is in southwest Missouri we draw on experts from around the world to provide our clients with risk mitigation solutions.  Upon request we can provide you with the bios of any of our security consultants, trainers, or protective agents.  We want to ensure that you understand the expertise our people bring to assist you and that you can feel better knowing just exactly the wealth of experience and education being brought to assist you.


Our Passion

We want to prevent bad things from happening and when we cannot do that we want to reduce their effects to as little as possible.  We are tired of seeing preventable incidents from happening.  We are tired of seeing news feeds filled with shootings in the workplace.  We are sick of the obituaries.  We are angry of hearing companies having to ransom back their own information. We are saddened by seeing companies go out of business because of preventable accidents and man-made incidents.  We are sick of seeing companies change their ways because of threats toward them.  We want to maximize your flexibility, your mobility, and your resilience.  We want to partner with business leaders to create a safe atmosphere for their employees, customers, assets, and information systems.  We want to help you become everything you want your company to be.


That is why our method is not just fences, cameras, and guns.  Traditional security programs certainly have their place and we love helping you get them in place.  We often see gaps between where security programs in one discipline such as physical security and where emergency management or traditional safety programs meet.  We also recognize that the workplace culture has a significant impact on the mental and emotional well-being of employees and customers and has weight on issues such as customer-employee conflicts and internal employee conflicts that can lead to violence.  We recognize that outward public messaging can greatly help or hurt corporate images and can lead to anger, sometimes incorrectly simply through miscommunication, being directed at companies.  

Not every danger can be prevented.  But hopefully we can limit their damage.  We want to see businesses stay operating because they had a strong interwoven security architecture that minimized the damage that risk could cause them.  We want to help make businesses become adaptable and prepared so that when necessary they can switch to their continuity of operations alternatives and maintain at least a threshold operating level until they can complete recovery from the incident.  

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